If you recently took over an apartment or condo complex, you likely want to improve its functionality and value to make it a desirable place to live. Elevated apartment waste management approaches can enhance the property’s appearance, appeal, and environmental impact. 

As Orlando’s commercial trash collection service, our crew at Community Concierge Service offers a few recommendations below. These waste disposal solutions can enhance your property and the surrounding community. 

#1 Provide Waste Bins for Different Types of Trash

Many property managers supply dumpsters for general garbage collection. If everyone knew how this one-and-done approach impacts waste and the environment, they might choose differently. While a single bin might streamline short-term waste management, it significantly increases waste and environmental contamination. 

A more dynamic approach might include:

  • Labeled recycle bins: Recyclable materials like aluminum, glass, and some plastics can go toward creating new products. When people have the option to recycle, they frequently use it. 
  • Donation bins: Some organizations can reuse electronics and clothing—even damaged or broken ones. Some e-waste contains perfectly usable parts.  
  • Wet and dry waste collection: Wet waste, like some food scraps, plants, and other biodegradable materials, can replenish the earth. Dry waste, like paper, cardboard, or metal, needs its own receptacle. 
  • Toxic waste: Discarded medications or leftover cleaners can poison soil and waterways. Proper disposal methods significantly reduce its impact. 

Proper waste separation is especially important since Orlando is close to the ocean and other pertinent waterways. 

#2 Don’t Skimp on Bin Size 

Another mistake Orlando property management companies might make stems from attempting to save money by renting smaller or too few bins. Never underestimate the amount of trash a single unit can create. Multiply that one unit by dozens of multi-family apartments, and your undersized bins will quickly overflow. 

Overfilled bins translate into lost revenue because:

  • You pay more to keep the grounds maintained.
  • Some waste management companies will charge fees for overfilled receptacles. 
  • You could lose potential quality tenants if they notice full bins and unsightly litter. 

Place roomy receptacles near every building and downsize from there if needed. 

#3 Reserve Additional Bins for Heavy-Waste Seasons

Your waste management needs might increase according to the season. Some common examples in Orlando, Florida, include:

  • Holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve all herald an influx in household waste. You might reserve additional bins for family units to accommodate discarded food, wrapping paper, and other items. 
  • Move-in and move-out influxes: Tenants minimize their belongings as much as possible before moving. Your apartment waste management strategy should anticipate their comings and goings, especially in the spring. 
  • Seasons with pleasant weather: Your property might feature outdoor spaces, like pools, playgrounds, or barbeque pits. Adding new bins to such areas and regularly emptying them makes outside gatherings cleaner and more fun for all involved. 

#4 Create an Apartment Waste Strategy To Minimize Waste

Your waste management strategy depends on the complex layout and the number of tenants you serve. Inventory the unique features, such as:

  • Multi-family units and buildings. These tenants will produce more waste because they likely have children or other dependents. Therefore, they might need additional receptacles or larger bins than other areas.  
  • Single-bedroom buildings. You might reserve smaller or fewer receptacles for these buildings. However, as mentioned above, you’re better off overestimating and downsizing as needed. 
  • Community amenities like pools, courtyards, and gazebos. Sometimes, a few trash cans won’t cut it. Explore adding small, discrete bins in addition to your stationary trash cans during spring and summer. 
  • Pet allowances. Many responsible pet owners take their animals outdoors to relieve themselves. Designate an area for pets to use the restroom with trash cans and bags, making animal waste collection easy for your tenants. 

Does this list overwhelm you? Fortunately, companies like Community Concierge Services can help you anticipate your property needs through consultations, quotes, and diverse services. 

#5 Educate Tenants and Maintenance Staff About Waste Management

Finally, education is one of your most powerful tools. When an individual understands waste management, they can practice it. Empower your staff and tenants with the following information:

  • Overall consequences of lackadaisical waste management: Improper disposal of chemicals, batteries, and other toxic materials can destroy local ecosystems and freshwater habitats. This can negatively affect food and water supplies.
  • Why these practices are especially important for places like Orlando: Many Florida towns have runoff that travels into nearby bodies of water, making these communities’ waste management decisions particularly impactful. 
  • How proper waste management benefits the environment: Healthy, balanced local environments support native flora and fauna, especially cornerstone species like oak trees and alligators. 
  • How consistent practices benefit them individually: Proactive waste management keeps complexes pest-free and reduces property hazards. 
  • How to use the different available bins: Some tenants might benefit from a brief guide to waste management. You can supply it alongside their leases. 
  • Other ways to reduce waste individually: Donating moving supplies or choosing products with low-waste packing improves individual waste habits. 

Explore More Waste Management Solutions With Community Concierge Services in Orlando, Florida

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