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What Is the New Austin, TX, Composting Requirement?

Austin, TX requires commercial composting collections at all multi-family and apartment properties as of October 1, 2024. All multifamily properties housing five or more dwelling units must provide their residents and employees access to commercial composting services. It is helpful to note that many of the requirements for composting meet the current multi-family recycling requirements. 

Included property types: 

  • Apartments
  • Condominiums
  • Dorms
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Nursing homes

All of these multifamily properties are now required to accept materials for composting such as food scraps, food-soiled paper products, and other BMI-certified composting products.

At Community Concierge Services, we offer valet composting services in Austin, TX, to help your facility seamlessly meet Austin’s composting mandates. 

Additional Composting Requirements in Austin, TX

Several measures must be taken to properly adhere to the new Austin, TX composting requirement. All multi-family properties must:

  • Offer composting capacity equal to one gallon per unit
  • Calculate capacity needs by utilizing the Multifamily Composting Calculator
  • Allow enough capacity and locations for residents to avoid composting overflow
  • Ensure composting is collected from the property weekly at least, and that the collection is taken to a composting facility 
  • Work with a chosen composting hauler to determine appropriate sizes and amounts of composting bins for the property
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Providing Appropriate Composting Access, Education, and Signage

To ensure that composting happens as efficiently as possible, all multi-family properties should first provide the proper education for their residents. Education resources should include materials on what can be composted, reducing the risks of composting contamination, and understanding where they can compost on the property. 

If landfill trash and recycling containers are provided in commonly used areas of multi-family properties, composting containers must be located in the same space. These containers or bins must be grouped and labeled in at least two languages such as English and Spanish. These areas could include community lounges, cafeterias, gyms, etc. 

All composting bins must have signs on them that:

  • Are labeled with the type of waste stream
  • List out what materials are accepted in that bin
  • Have the above information provided in two or more languages
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Community Concierge Services and Multi-Family Composting in Austin, TX

Community Concierge Services (CCS) is excited to offer valet composting services to multifamily properties and apartment communities. CCS will provide doorstep services to ensure residents comply with the newly required program in Austin, TX. 

Benefits of Participating in Valet Composting Services in Austin TX 

By abiding by the Austin composting requirement, you and your residents are positively impacting the environment and local community. 

Food is wasted daily. Composting seeks to divert that food waste away from landfills and instead use it to create compost that will nourish the soil. Composting also creates local jobs and helps to build healthier food systems for future generations. 

There are many benefits to composting. With Community Concierge Services, we make following these composting mandates simple and stress-free. 

How Will Multi-Family Composting in Austin, TX Work?

Community Concierge Services (CCS) seeks to be one of the first valet composting services in the City of Austin. CCS will provide each resident of all multifamily and apartment communities with a container and literature on composting.

There is also an opportunity for apartment communities to generate ancillary income, and increase net operating income (NOI) by providing their community with an “amenity” that could set them apart from competitors. 

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CCS Valet Composting Services:

  • Offer one, two, or three-day collection options
  • Reduce and eliminate contamination
  • Allow for controlled flow of compost
  • May serve as an ancillary income generator 
  • Help to maintain clean breezeways
  • Will help ensure you meet Austin, TX composting mandates

CCS will provide doorstep composting to multi-family properties every one, two, or three days per week depending on what the property owner decides. Each resident will have their own composting container and information on how to properly compost. 

This efficient composting valet service will help ensure that breezeways are clear, residents are properly complying with the new Austin composting program, and contamination is greatly reduced.

Why You Will Be Glad You Chose Valet Composting Services in Austin, TX by Community Concierge Services

Your multi-family property will benefit from all of the following with our valet composting services in Austin, TX:


Once you have set up apartment composting in Austin, TX, you and your residents can have peace of mind about your participation in Austin’s newly required program. CCS will provide each resident with a proper composting bin and the literature they need to understand how to compost. 


The number of composting collections needed per week is entirely dependent on the number of residents. CCS will work with you to determine how many collections best fit your community. 

Worry-Free Residents

Like you, the happiness of your residents is top of mind at CCS. The newly required composting program in the City of Austin is something that they may not be aware of or have the proper education on. By providing them with a valet composting amenity, you are giving them all the tools they need to successfully participate in this program in a way that puts as little stress on them as possible. 

Outcomes and Opportunities

Utilizing CCS’s valet composting services will help to ensure that you and your residents are limiting food waste and giving back to the environment. Our service will also help to eliminate contamination that can occur with composting, as well as maintain breezeway cleanliness. 

Our composting valet services operate similarly to how we provide valet trash services. This means that there will be opportunities for properties to generate ancillary or additional income and increase NOI by providing your community with an amenity that could set you apart from other properties.

Take Advantage of Valet Composting Services in Austin, TX

The City of Austin, TX, will require all multi-family properties to participate in the new composting program beginning October 1, 2024. Give your residents and yourself the tools to participate in the most convenient and stress-free way possible by utilizing Community Concierge Services!

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