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Dallas’ Premier Valet Trash Services

Valet trash is an amenity, typically provided to residents of multi-family housing, that streamlines disposal of household trash, while adding value to the property. Develop a cleaner community with happier residents from Community Concierge Services’ valet trash services! At CCS, we know every apartment community has unique requirements.

Flexible Valet Trash Options:

  • 5, 6, or 7 Day Pick Up Options
  • Common Areas – such as grill or pool areas
  • Dog Stations

Professional Valet Trash Services in Dallas, TX

Multi-family property managers love adding valet trash services as an advantage to living in their apartment or condominiums because of these major benefits:

  • Dependable Trash Collection
  • A Cleaner Community
  • Happier Residents

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Benefits of Valet Trash Services to Dallas Residents

  • Convenience – no longer required to carry your trash across the community by hand or by placing on the hood of your car!
  • Avoid Bad Weather – no more getting rained or snowed on carrying your own trash, allow us to get wet instead
  • A Cleaner Community – trash in transported in leak proof totes or a pushcart to prevent spillage, resulting in a cleaner environment to live.
  • Safety – no late-night walks to the compactor needed.

Valet Trash Service Benefits to Dallas Property Owners & Managers

  • Creates added NOI for the property
  • Keeps breezeways and hallways cleaner for longer
  • Takes burden off maintenance staff, as we help preserve the cleanliness of the compactor/dumpster area.
  • Added amenity to the property at no cost

Additional Services Provided by Community Concierge Services

Pressure Washing Dallas TX

Whether we’re performing multi-family or apartment pressure washing, our team at Community Concierge Services provides you with squeaky clean surfaces. By combining power washing and soft washing techniques, we can safely and effectively clean dirt and grime away from your roof to your driveway.

Dryer Vent Cleanout Dallas TX

When considering a place to live, many families put safety at the top of their list. Clogged dryer vents are one of the leading causes of fires in apartment homes, so it’s important to have them cleaned on an annual basis. Maintaining a safe environment makes your apartment buildings more desirable to new renters and keeps current renters from moving. One of the many ways you can ensure a safer place to live includes scheduling regular dryer vent cleanings. 

Gutter Cleaning Dallas TX

Gutters reroute water away from your property’s roof and foundation, preventing structural damage and mold or algae build-up. If your gutters become clogged, disconnected, or otherwise fail, you may experience problems ranging from roof leaks to dangerously soft ground around the edge of your property. When you need trustworthy gutter cleaning, contact our professional gutter specialists at Community Concierge Services.

Veterans Easy Trash Service – a Reliable Partner of Community Concierge Services

CCS and Veterans Easy Trash (a veteran owned and operated company) have combined forces to reduce the monthly cost of bulk item removal by becoming more proactive rather than re-active when it comes to hauling off bulk trash items.

Bulk Item Removal Dallas TX

Veterans Easy Trash Service (VETS) makes bulk item removal safe and simple! Our team is trained on how to efficiently handle removal of all large objects, including furniture, appliances, and more!

Eviction Cleanout Services Dallas TX

Veterans Easy Trash Service (VETS) assists with property and eviction cleanout services. From hoarding cleanouts to estate cleanouts, VETS has you covered! We are able to handle all items with care and safety. 

Please contact us or call our Dallas office directly at 336-588-9057.

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