Valet Trash Services

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What is Valet Trash Services?

Valet trash is an amenity, typically provided to residents of multi-family housing, that streamlines disposal of household trash, while adding value to the property. Contact us today to learn more about scheduling regular apartment or community trash collection in one of our many locations!

How it Works

  • Tenants place their household trash bags inside their CCS provided trash cans.
  • They then place the trash can outside their door, within a 2-hour window of the designated pick-up start time.
  • Once service begins, a trained CCS porter, will remove the trash from the can and transport it to the onsite compactor/dumpster.

Flexible Valet Trash Options

At CCS, we know every apartment community has unique requirements. That’s why we offer 5, 6, or 7 day pick up options and can include common areas, such as grill or pool areas, and even dog stations. Give us a call today to learn more! 

Benefits to Residents

  • Convenience – no longer required to carry your trash across the community by hand or by placing on the hood of your car!
  • Avoid Bad Weather – no more getting rained or snowed on carrying your own trash, allow us to get wet instead
  • A Cleaner Community – trash in transported in leak proof totes or a pushcart to prevent spillage, resulting in a cleaner environment to live.
  • Safety – no late-night walks to the compactor needed.

Benefits to Property Owners & Managers

  • Creates added NOI for the property
  • Keeps breezeways and hallways cleaner for longer
  • Takes burden off maintenance staff, as we help preserve the cleanliness of the compactor/dumpster area.
  • Added amenity to the property at no cost

Why You’ll Love Valet Trash Services by Community Concierge Services

Multi-family property managers love adding valet trash services as an advantage to living in their apartment or condominiums because of these major benefits:

Dependable Trash Collection

Community Concierge Services offers reliable apartment trash collection in several states. When you set up services with our valet trash services, we set a convenient time for trash collection that interferes least with your tenants’ schedules. Each day, our team will arrive on time, quickly collect any trash bags outside of residents’ homes, and dispose of them properly.

valet trash services
valet trash services

A Cleaner Community

Many apartment or condo residents set their trash outside of their homes to avoid stinking up their residences. However, this only transfers the problem outside, adding to the stench in enclosed hallways or open-air walkways and attracting pests like insects and mice. With bulk trash collection, your residents will enjoy a cleaner community with less pests and better-smelling environment.

Happier Residents

Bring a new benefit to your apartment or condominium with valet trash services. When your tenants don’t have to worry about transporting trash to a collective dumpster or garbage compactor, they’ll enjoy a higher quality of life. Happy residents move less, allowing you to enjoy a multi-family property with less turnover and a community with stronger ties to one another.

valet trash services