If you haven’t looked into valet trash services for your apartment complex, you should do so. These convenient services help your property look effortlessly clean while encouraging more respect and care from your tenants. So how can you benefit from these helpful services?

Continue reading to discover the numerous advantages.   

Apartment Trash Services Make Properties Look Nicer

As a property manager, you want your complex to look nice year-round. Occasional grounds maintenance helps, but maybe your property could use something extra. Apartment valet trash services offer an excellent solution.

While many trash collection services often focus on emptying tenant trash cans and dumpsters, some will also pick up the litter from surrounding areas. A clean, trash-free property looks more inviting to future tenants. Thus, your property value increases.  

Tenants Can Access Recycling Programs

Some trash services provide accessible recycling options. Many residents understand the value that recycling programs bring to the local area and the world. So offering trash collection services with such forward-thinking solutions shows you care.

Plus, trash services make recycling easier than ever. Many tenants live busy lives, which prevents them from sorting their garbage. Valet trash services simplify recycling with pre-labeled trash cans.  

Apartment Trash Collection Reduces Littering Violations

As someone in the property management industry, you don’t want your property to earn a negative reputation. A complex’s reputation can cause would-be tenants to avoid it. If your property earns a reputation for littering, that reputation could decrease your pool of tenants, decreasing the property value.

Littering and hoarding garbage make your complex appear unsightly, unhygienic, and dirty. With apartment trash collection, your tenants won’t have to schedule days to go to the dump. The temptation to throw garbage outside or hoard it until they can go to the dump becomes nonexistent with regularly scheduled pick-ups. 

Less Pollution Leads to Cleaner, Healthier Surroundings

In addition to contributing to local recycling efforts, you’ll also improve your outdoor environment. Without accessible trash collection services, most tenants must drive to the local dump to get rid of their trash, increasing their carbon footprint with each trip.

Additionally, the litter on your property pollutes waterways and fields, contaminating the freshwater supply and creating choking hazards for local wildlife. Valet trash services often use a single truck to manage a specific route. That means fewer vehicles traveling to deposit trash at the dump. 

Offer Improved Amenities with Valet Trash Services

As a property manager, you stay on the lookout for new, improved ways to make your tenants’ lives and your job a little easier. By adding valet trash services to your growing list of amenities, you’ll make your complex and property much more attractive to new and current tenants.

Make convenient trash services one of your newest amenities with Community Concierge Services. Call us at (800) 742-9176 today to learn more about apartment waste management best practices.