Building exteriors can easily slip under the radar of the average person. They fade into the background, especially for people who frequent the location. However, dirty siding and structures can have long-term consequences for unwitting business owners.

Pressure washing commercial buildings carries benefits beyond improving curb appeal. At Community Concierge Services, we provide professional pressure cleaning in Raleigh, NC. We outline why your business occasionally needs these services to look nice and protect occupants. 

#1 Damage Prevention

Your commercial building’s exterior collects countless particles daily. Mold, mildew, algae, and organic debris can gradually eat into concrete, brick, siding, and asphalt. You might notice the wear and tear for years. 

Over time, these organisms can cause significant discoloration, surface pitting, and crumbling materials. This damage looks unsightly to passersby. Annual building facade power washing prevents fungal and algal colonies from taking root, reproducing, and thriving on your business’s exterior. 

#2 Fewer Maintenance and Repair Costs

If you go too long without commercial building exterior cleaning services, you may notice those patches of blue, gray, and green spreading across sidewalks, overhangs, and building sides. They leave a trail of disintegration and rot in their wake. 

You will eventually face the damage head-on when it requires repair or maintenance services like:

  • Painting
  • Staining
  • Residing
  • Material replacements

Crumbling building materials make for an unsteady and unattractive structure. You can circumvent some repair costs by scheduling professional building washing services.

#3 Brighter, More Attractive Building Appearance

Your store or office building’s appearance is essential to your overall brand. When potential customers walk or drive past your location, they may not enter if the building looks dull, unkempt, and dirty. Compare your building to other nearby businesses and take stock of:

  • Unsightly brown patches
  • Worn building materials
  • Oil stains on paved areas
  • Moss, lichens, and other growths populating your structures

How does your location measure up to the other commercial properties in your area? If other businesses look better, brighter, and more inviting than yours, shop for pressure washing services for businesses in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

#4 Great First Impression

Attracting new customers begins with an impeccable first impression. Think of your storefront like a warm handshake from a professional colleague. It should feel inviting and comforting to newcomers who haven’t experienced your business before. 

Pressure washing commercial buildings ensures they look their best from all angles. Motor vehicle drivers and pedestrians can get a good view of how local businesses look as they travel. Schedule commercial pressure washing services yearly or every other year to make sure your store, office, or other facility meets their expectations. 

#5 A Healthier Environment

An annual commercial property pressure washing service can make your building healthier from the outside in. Many business owners don’t realize outdoor maintenance can significantly influence indoor health and air quality. However, many interior pollutants come from exterior sources like mold, mildew, and pollen. 

Once they enter an enclosed space, they constantly circulate the air until you filter them out. When you power or pressure wash your business, you eliminate the pollutants clinging to your building, preventing them from infiltrating your ventilation system, windows, and doors.   

Areas That Need Pressure Washing Services

When you think about pressure washing a building, you likely only consider the siding materials. Although keeping the sides shiny and clean helps your brand’s image, you should also schedule services for:

  • Rooftops: Your commercial roof needs some attention, too. Pressure washing not only removes debris, but it reveals damage you might otherwise miss. 
  • Sidewalks: Keeping your sidewalks clean is like rolling out the red carpet for potential customers. 
  • Parking lots: Maintain visible parking spaces and an overall tidy appearance with exterior surface cleaning solutions. 
  • Additional structures: Storage sheds, playground equipment, and patio furniture also make a statement about how you run your business. 
  • Heavy equipment: Some retailers and manufacturers use forklifts and other machinery to fulfill customer needs. They should look just as sharp as the rest of your facility. 
  • Company vehicles: Home service technicians and salespeople often rely on business vehicles to reach customers. Trucks, vans, and cars are an extension of your brand.
  • Fences: You might rely on chain-link or iron fences to secure commercial property. Pressure washing services prevent them from rusting and looking unmaintained which can help deter would-be trespassers. 
  • Outdoor gathering spaces: If you run a restaurant, school, or cafe, you might rely on patios, playgrounds, and outdoor seating to attract customers. Keep these areas looking immaculate to attract new patrons. 

Why Choose Pressure Washing Pros

Delegating pressure washing tasks to your staff can lead to significant safety hazards. Your employees could injure themselves or damage your property if they have no prior experience with the equipment. 

Practicing safety with pressure washers is essential to avoid losing fingers, spraying products into your eyes, or harming building materials. Keep your building, staff, and customers safe by working with professional service providers who specialize in commercial properties. 

Contact Community Concierge Services About Pressure Washing Commercial Buildings You Own

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