Are you a property manager looking into your options for waste management? You’re probably wondering, “Is valet trash mandatory?”

As a trusted valet trash service in Houston, Community Concierge Services can help you understand the benefits of valet trash collection. You should think seriously before providing renters with an alternative.

What Is Valet Trash?

Valet trash is a service provided by waste management or hospitality companies for residents of multi-family communities. It’s an efficient and sanitary form of trash collection for communal living, and many property managers include it as a minor line item in their leases. The communities that can benefit the most from valet trash include:

  • Apartment complexes
  • Student housing
  • Condos
  • Townhome communities
  • Homeowners’ associations

An alternative solution to valet trash collection is to provide communal bins around the property.

Is Valet Trash Mandatory?

Most cities don’t regulate whether apartment complexes must provide trash collection. However, you should mandate that your renters have some trash collection to prevent hygiene problems. If you’re considering offering valet trash to your tenants, consider allowing them to opt out or find their own service.

What Happens During Valet Trash Collection?

Valet trash collection is a simple process that provides a lot of convenience to tenants. It requires only a few simple steps:

  1. The tenant places their trash outside their door or into a private bin at a certain time. The trash company may collect the trash once a week or once a day, depending on the community’s needs.
  2. The trash collector takes the garbage and delivers it to a central dumpster or collection area.
  3. The collector may inspect the bag to ensure it meets all rules and regulations, such as not containing hazardous waste.
  4. The tenant pays a monthly fee, usually included in their lease agreement. Some communities or services may allow the tenant to schedule additional pick-ups, as needed, for an additional price.

Benefits of Valet Trash

Is valet trash mandatory? No, but before you consider other waste management methods, consider the many benefits of the service. 


If you advertise your community as a luxurious experience for tenants or value providing them with great amenities, don’t overlook valet trash collection. It’s a cost-effective method to help your renters feel well cared for. No one likes carrying their trash across the parking lot or down the street, and the experience feels even worse in extreme temperatures or adverse weather.

With valet trash collection, tenants only need to step a few feet out their door to remove their trash. This small but crucial convenience will make them more willing to pay higher rent. One study by the National Multifamily Housing Council showed tenants are willing to pay an average of $25 more monthly for such service.

It also leaves them more satisfied. This means communities with valet trash collection often experience longer leases and less turnover.


Do you see a lot of trash blowing around your property? Asking tenants to carry their bags to a communal dumpster can increase rogue trash in a few ways:

  • Not every tenant will put in the effort to properly dispose of their trash. Some renters may just throw their litter on the ground if they have to transport their own trash.
  • Accidents happen, and the farther your renters have to transport their garbage bags, the more likely they are to rip a hole in the bag. Valet trash collection can virtually eliminate this problem.
  • If your dumpsters become too full, tenants may set their bags next to them, leaving them vulnerable to weather or scavenging animals. With the right valet schedule, you’ll never worry about overflowing dumpsters.

A clean complex is a luxurious complex. You can attract the most responsible renters without trash piling up and blowing around.

Reduced Maintenance Workload

When considering the question, “Is valet trash mandatory?” remember that when a valet service handles your trash collection, you free up time for your maintenance crew to focus on more important issues. You may even save money on a smaller staff. With valet trash service, your maintenance team will spend less time doing the following:

  • Cleaning up litter
  • Managing overflowing dumpsters
  • Dealing with customer complaints about bad smells or uncleanliness

With more availability, the staff can more quickly respond to maintenance requests and emergencies, which adds another level of satisfaction to tenants. It also keeps your maintenance staff happier, and you’ll likely see less employee turnover.

Increased Eco-Friendliness

Many renters view recycling as inconvenient, and if they have to carry their recyclables to a common location, they may just opt to save a trip and throw everything in their trash. When you incorporate recycling into your valet services, you’re encouraging your tenants to care for the environment.

Community Concierge Services Provides Cost-Effective Valet Trash Services

Is valet trash mandatory? No, but it’s almost always a good investment for your community. Whether you’re looking for apartment waste management tips or need to change how often you schedule services, our team at Community Concierge Services goes out of their way to help.

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